American football's development in China in the past ten years

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  This article is reprinted from HuaPlus with permission.

  The 52 Super Bowl ended in Minneapolis, and the Philadelphia Eagles won the super bowl for the first time in the history of 41-33 over the New England patriots.


  This American carnival is not only the American most concerned annual event, but also attracts the attention of many Chinese.


  Wang Shi


  Gao Xiaosong


  Yao Ming



  According to CCTV Sofres survey on the national 19 first-tier cities and second-tier cities at the age of 15-54, the respondents who are interested in football, increased from 1.6 million in 2010 to 19 million in 2015, growth in the number of over ten times. In 2010, only 1.9 million of the Chinese audience enjoyed the "super bowl" and 12 million in 2015. In 2016, the Chinese audience of the NFL finals on the Tencent platform reached a record number of 65.9 billion people. More and more Chinese begin to pay attention to and love American football.

  American football, as an American sport, is naturally promoted by Americans in China. Many years ago, the west came to China to preach, and now they are to spread the spirit of sports.

  Gary R. Morris, CEO of CAFL, is one of the first people who came to China to promote American football. He began to touch American football from the age of five. Although his objective conditions didn't make him a professional player, his love for American football never weakened. He said "football and other sports are different, the football team win on teamwork. For basketball, you can rely on a powerful player to win, for baseball you can rely on one or two strong players to win, but for football you can only rely on the team to win".


  Football is what passion is

  When Gary first came to China, he found there was no American football, out of love for American football, he began to promote it in China. From the beginning promoting football in colleges, and then setting up CAFL( China Professional Arena Football League), he witnessed the difficult course of American football into the Chinese market.


  The "China Bowl" event organized by CAFL

  With the hard work of foreign missionaries like Gary, American football has now taken root in China.


  University Flag Football League


  University Bowl Game


  City Bowl League now has 25 teams in 24 cities, 16 provinces

  If we want to develop a sport healthfully, the young people's training is indispensable. American football is a sport that values teamwork so much, which is very popular with parents.

  A parent that brings her child to learn football said: when I first took him here I'm very happy and I think I have found a place to give him a reasonable collision, at here, nobody says that your action is brutal, nobody says you are crazy, he can learn the rules and the teamwork. I think it's a good place for him to really release himself one day in a week.


  Football from the sight of parents

  American football youth schools have sprung up in China nowadays, not only in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, but also in the southwest, northeast and other cities.


  Youth football game in Shenyang


  Youth football training in Chengdu

  As more and more Chinese are in love with American football, NFL has been paying more and more attention to Chinese fans. Last year, William Chan became the Promotion Ambassador of NFL in China.


  This year Wu Yifan performed at the Super Bowl, becoming the first Chinese singer in the Super Bowl.


  In 2017, Super Bowl five-time champion Tom Brady also came to China for brand promotion.


  Everyone has high expectations for the development of American football in China.

  Sun Yang, a coach of Great Stone, thinks that Chinese kids and US kids don’t have much difference on technology and action. As long as our teaching director is training them in right way, children can play the same way as American kids. Many Chinese children are very strong. They not only have technology, action but also speed and power, if they could have a scientific and systematic training, they are great.

  Gary, CEO of CAFL said: you can see the mood of players, see the sweat of players, hear their colliding voice, you can feel that you become part of the game, when you get close to this sport; it is hard not to be attracted. Participating in American football will make the child a man!